748131 Alfred Lacroix

Date of Birth: 09 January 1885

Place of Birth: Canada

Residence: Danville, Quebec

Nok: Mrs. Joseph Lacroix, Danville, Quebec

Trade: Labourer

Attestation date: 04 December 1915

Previous military service: none

Unit: 24th Bn CEF

Status: Killed in action - 28 August 1918

Cemetery: Quebec Cemetery France

Details of Service: Alfred Lacroix attested two times. First with the original 5 CMR draft, and then with the 117th. However, he did not go to England with either of these battalions. He did go overseas under the MSA draft in 1918 and with the regimental number 3155492. Since he did possess a 117th Bn regimental number he is remembered here.