748914 Gordon Alfred Cavell

Date of Birth: 17 January 1895

Place of Birth: Magog, Quebec

Residence: Magog, Quebec

Nok: Mrs Nellie Cavell, Magog, Quebec (mother)

Trade: Assistant chemist

Attestation date: 25 March 1916

Previous military service: none

Unit: 117th Bn

Status: did not go overseas


Photo courtesy of: Mr Wynn Dustin

Details of Service: Gordon Cavell attested for service on 25 March 1916. He proceeded to Valcartier with the 117th Bn. On 06 June 1916, Pte Cavell was admitted to the Camp Valcartier hospital with severe rheumatsim. Though he was declared fit for duty three day later, he was found medically unfit by a medical review board. During the medical review it was found that Pte Cavell was suffering from recurring rheumatism in his left knee and ankle. According to Pte Cavell this condition was caused by exposure to wet and cold in 1900. Also, he was found to have defective vision. It was the decision of the medical board that Pte Cavell was unfit for service and recommended that he be discharged.

Pte Cavell was discharged from service on 12 July 1916 after 109 days of service.