749012 Alfred Cavell

Date of Birth: 03 January 1869

Place of Birth: Ramgate, Kent, England

Residence: Magog, Quebec

Nok: Nellie Cavell, Magog, Quebec (Wife)

Trade: Cook

Attestation date: 10 April 1916

Previous military service: 26th Dragoons

Unit: 117th Bn CEF

Status: Released - did not sail to England


Details of Service: At age 47, Alfred Cavell was one of the older men to attest with the 117th Battalion. He did proceed to Valcartier with the Battalion but was suffering the effects of varicose viens in his legs. Upon further medical examination it was determined that he was unfit for service and was discharged from the CEF on 08 August 1916 for reasons of sickness and old age.

At the time of attestation Alfred Cavell was married to Nellie Cavell. They had five children: three boys aged 21, 18, and 12; and two girls aged 15 and 8. The oldest boy Gordon Cavell also attested with the 117th Battalion but was medically discharged. The second oldest boy Charles Cavell was drafted in 1918, proceeded to France with 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles and was wounded but did survive.