749145 Samuel Ashe

Photo: courtesy of Heather L Harrington

Date of Birth: 26 June 1882

Place of Birth: Ticonderoga, Washington County, New York, USA

Residence: Hudson Falls, New York

Nok: Elmer Ashe, Hudson Falls, New York (Father)

Trade: Labourer

Attestation date: 17 May 1916

Previous military service: 12th Regiment US Infantry

Unit: Canadian Reserve Artillery

Status: Survived - died 01 November 1941

Cemetery: Mount Hope Cemetery of
Ticonderoga, New York, USA


Details of Service:

Sam Ashe sailed to England in August 1916 with the 117th Battalion.

On 24th January 1917, Samuel was transferred to the 2nd Labour Battalion located at Seaford, England.  ON 16th March 1917, Samuel was transferred to the 16th Reserve Battalion, located at Seaford.  Normally, former 117th Battalion soldiers would have been transferred back to the 23rd Reserve Battalion.  The reason for the transfer to the 16th Reserve Battalion is not know.

Samuel remained in Seaford and was transferred to the Canadian Army Service Corps (CASC) on 2nd April 1917.  Samuel remained with CASC until 5th May 1916, when he was transferred to the Canadian Reserve Artillery located in Whitley, England. 

Samuel remained in Whitley until the end of the war.  On 31st May 1918, Samuel was granted permission to marry.  Unfortunately, in the records there is no indication of a marriage certificate or other information about his bride to be.  His pay records indicate that his wife was Mrs. Nellie Ashe of 150 Camden Street, Birmingham, England.

On 1st September 1918, Samuel Ashe absented himself without leave.  He was apprehended by the military police in London on 3rd October 1918.  Due to the amount of time he was absent he was classed as a deserter.  He was court-martialed at Whitley on 17th October 1918 and was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment.  He was granted a 14 day remission of sentence on 30th December 1918. 

On 12th March 1919, Samuel was officially discharged from service in the United Kingdom.  It is likely that he remained in England to be with his wife in Birmingham. 

Samuel and his wife did return to New York State sometime after the war. Samuel passed away on 1st November 1941. He is interned at The Mount Hope Cemetery of Ticonderoga, New York.



Photo: courtesy of Heather L Harrington