749296 David Robertson

Date of Birth: 23 September 1895

Place of Birth: Dundee, Scotland

Residence: Sherbrooke, Quebec

Nok: Mary Montgomery, Cambridge, USA

Trade: Sail maker

Attestation date: 02 May 1916

Previous military service: Black Watch

Unit: 24th Bn CEF

Status: Killed in action - 21 July 1917

Cemetery: Loos British Cemetery France

Details of Service: Awaiting further information. The youngest of the 117th boys to be killed. He first attested with the 26th BN on 30 April 1915, only to desert the unit the same day after being charged with fraudulent enrollment. He later attested with the 117th and transferred to the 24th Bn. He had lied about his age and particulars, once again.