Captain Robert Bartholomew

Date of Birth: 17 June 1868

Place of Birth: West Frampton, Quebec

Residence: Cookshire, Compton, Quebec

Nok: Mrs. Geo Hurley, East Sifton, Quebec (Sister)

Trade: Printer and publisher

Attestation date: 15 December 1915

Previous military service: 7th Hussars

Unit: 117th Bn CEF

Status: Survived - died 30 December 1943


Details of Service:

Captain Bartholomew was transferrred to the 23rd Reserve Battalion on 06 January 1917, where he acted as paymaster. He was later transferred to the 22nd Reserve Battalion on 01 March 1917, and was the paymaster for that unit as well. He remained in England and carried out Paymaster duties for the 22nd Reserve Battalion.

Capt Bartholomew was an extremely hard working Officer and had only taken 10 days leave since January 1917. Despite his hard work ethic, tragedy struck Capt Bartholomew in September 1918. On 13 September 1918 Capt Bartholomew, while reading "Canada" magazine, learned of his son's death. 748377 Pte Bartholomew had been KIA on 08 August 1918. After reading of his son's death, Capt Bartholomew went into shock and deep depression. He was diagnosed with Neurasthemia and was unable to continue his duties as Paymaster. Citing overwork as a catalyst to the problem he was given a few weeks of rest. However, this treatment was to no avail.

Capt Bartholomew was deemed unfit for any service for six months and was returned to Canada on 30 October 1918. Upon his return to Halifax, Capt Bartholomew under went treatment in Halifax at Cogswell St. Military Hospital. He remained in Halifax until 12 March 1920 when it was determined that his infliction would pass over time and he was subsequently released.

Captain Bartholomew was given a Category E discharge on 15 April 1920.

At time of attestation Captain Bartholomew indicated that he was a widower and had one son - Verne Bartholomew KIA. However, his pay sheets indicate that Mary Bartholomew of Halifax was his wife. There is no record of when he married Mary.

Captain Bartholomew returned to the Eastern Townships sometime after 1920. He was actively involved in the 117th Battalion Association as part of the Historical Commitee in 1940.