Captain William Evander McIver

Date of Birth: 03 May 1874

Place of Birth: Melbourne, Quebec

Residence: Melbourne, Quebec

Nok: Rose Mary McIver, Melbourne, Quebec (wife)

Trade: Advocate

Attestation date: 04 January 1916

Previous military service: 53rd Regiment, 2 RCR South Africa - one year

Unit: 117th Battalion

Status: Survived


Details of service:

Captain McIver was transferred to 23rd Reserve Battalion on 06 January 1917. He performed garrison duties for the 23rd Reserve Battalion before being deemed surplus to CEF requirements in August 1917. Captain McIver returned to Canada aboard SS Megantic and landed in Halifax on 20 August 1917. He was discharged from service on 29 August 1917. He and his wife settled in Richmond, Quebec.

At the time of attestation Capt McIver was married and had no children. He also had listed previous military service in South Africa with 2nd Battalion Royal Canadian Regiment. There are no details of this service immediately available.