Captain John Ernest Smith

Date of Birth: 27 February 1888

Place of Birth: Lake Megantic, Quebec

Residence: Sherbrooke, Quebec

Nok: Bertha Mary Smith, Sherbrooke Quebec (wife)

Trade: Advertising Manager

Attestation date: 13 March 1916

Previous military service: 53rd Regiment

Unit: Canadian Forestry Corps

Status: Survived


Details of service:

Capt Smith was transferred to the 23rd Reserve Battalion on 06 January 1917. On 21 February he was transferred to 22nd Reserve Battalion and was transferred yet again to the Canadian Forestry Corps on 15 July 1917. During the next year Capt Smith remained in England performing Adjutant duties for 1st Quebec Regiment Depot and the CFC, after he developed heart problems and was deemed unfit for front line duty.

On 13 July 1918, Capt Smith joined the No 12 Coy Canadian Forestry Corps in France. However, by the end of July Capt Smith was suffering from Influenza and was invalided back to England where he would remain for the duration of the war. Captain Smith left Liverpool on 21 May 1919 and returned to Canada.

At the time of attestation Capt Smith was married and had one daughter - Marjorie Muir Smith, aged 22 months.