The 117th Eastern Townships Overseas Battalion
Quebec Flag



Listed below are the men who belonged to 117th Battalion HEADQUARTERS.


Commanding Officer Lieutenant-Colonel Levi Jerome GILBERT

Battalion Adjutant Captain Abel WHITEHEAD

Medical Officer Captain Ernest Ewen LOCKE

Battalion Chaplain Captain William Henry MOOREHEAD

Quartermaster Captain James Archibald MCCALLUM

Paymaster Capatain Robert BARTHOLOMEW

Assistant Adjutant Captain Donald Elias STEWART

Singals Officer Lieutenant E.C. IRVINE

748180 Battalion Sergeant-Major John WELSH

748030 Battalion Quarter Master Sergeant Henry D. PARSONS

748779 Bandmaster Sergeant Clifford C. PLANCHE

748007 Orderly Room Sergeant Charles B. SAWYER

748028 Paymaster Sergeant Alfred H. HUDSON

748211 Drummer Sergeant James R. BYRD

748235 Signal Sergeant William BRECKENRIDGE

748008 Cook Sergeant T. ANDERSON

748454 Stretcher Bearer Sergeant T.W. COWPERTHWAITE

748003 Transport Sergeant George DUNSMORE

748061 Pioneer Sergeant H.F. FARROW

748709 Shoemaker Sergeant Xiba R. FULKERSON

748980 Sergeant S. ECHENBERG

748239 Sergeant V. MCGOVERN

748637 Sergeant W.L. SIDDLE

748087 Corporal H. PRUNEAU

748223 Corporal F.J. MONTLE

748348 Lance Corporal A. DYSON

748343 Lance Corporal D.W. HEYWORTH

748258 Lance Corporal C.J. LEADBEATER

748025 Lance Corporal J. READSHAW

748988 Private O.W. GILLIS

749324 Private Charles WARD

748993 Private J.E. CURRIE

749325 Private L.H. LAKEMAN

748415 Private G. GALLAGHER

749297 Private J.W. LAWSON

748924 Private J.W. BENECKE

748221 Private H. BOCKUS

749188 Private H.L. APPLEBY

748416 Private W. SISCO

748729 Private N. AUBIN

748737 Private P. PLAMONDON

748042 Bugler J. FERRIER

748335 Private R.W. FARROW

748956 Private C.A. ELLIOTT

748253 Private H.W. MAYLE

748315 Private P.E. GINGRAS

748957 Private L.T. ECHENBERG

748725 Private O.N. EGLESTON

749138 Private J. BURTON

749263 Private T.F. BUCKLAND

748674 Private J.A. LEBOUTHILLIER

749008 Private W. HOWLETT

748268 Private K. FESSENDEN

748286 Private E.B. HANSON

748101 Private R. KENNETT

748162 Private G.E. GILL

748218 Private W.J. FRAZIER

749112 Private C.H. RICHARDSON

748850 Private F.E. BAKER

749036 Private C.J. WILCOX

749041 Private G. LARBY

748495 Private C. SALLS

748294 Private S. SKAILES

748653 Private J. WHITE

748289 Private H. ALLAN