Lieutenant John Owens Jones

Date of Birth: 12 February 1883

Place of Birth: Oswestry, England

Residence: Sherbrooke, Quebec

Nok: Lena Louise Jones, Sherbrooke (wife)

Trade: Accountant

Attestation date: 16 March 1916

Previous military service: 53rd Regiment

Unit: 87th Battalion

Status: Survived - died 01 February 1948


Details of service:

Lieutenant Jones was transferred to the 23rd Reserve Battalion on 06 January 1917, upon disbandment of the 117th Battalion. He remained with the 23rd Reserve Battalion until 06 December 1917 when he was transferred to the 87th Battalion and proceeded to France. Lt Jones spent the months of March and April 1918 suffering from Bronchitis and other ailments after exposure to a gas attack. Though he remained in France during this time, he joined the 87th Battalion in the front lines in July 1918.

On August 20 1918, Lt Jones suffered a severe shrapnel wound to his left wrist. He was invalided back to England for treatment. He underwent two surgeries and months of treatment to repair the damage to his wrist. This treatment continued when he returned to Canada.

Lt Jones sailed from Liverpool on 16 April 1919 aboard the SS Belgic and arrived in Halifax 23 April 1919. He was discharged from the CEF on 14 June 1919 as being medically unfit and cessation of hostilies. His proposed residence was in Sherbrooke.

At the time of attestation Lt Jones was married to Lena Louise Jones. They did not have any children.