Lieutenant Charles Watt

Date of Birth: 17 August 1890

Place of Birth: Montreal, Quebec

Residence: 4342 Westmount Ave, Montreal, Quebec

Nok: Mrs Charles Watt, Montreal, Quebec (Wife)

Trade: Salesman

Attestation date: 04 January 1916

Previous military service: McGill COTC

Unit: 42nd Bn CEF

Status: Died of Wounds - 11 July 1917

Cemetery: Etaples Military Cemetery France

Details of Service:

Charles Watt was born in Montreal and attested with the 117th Battalion on 04 January 1916. At the time of attestation he belonged to the McGill Univeristy COTC. Charles Watt was married to Ida Lillian Watt, also of Montreal. He sailed to England with the 117th Battalion on 14 August 1916.

On the 27 October 1916, Lt Watt was transferred to the 148th Battalion in Bramshot upon the disbandment of the 117th Battalion. On 08 January 1917, Lt Watt was transferred to the 20th Reserve Battalion in Shoreham and was eventually transferred to the 42nd Battalion on 06 March 1917.

Lt Watt arrived in France on 08 March 1917 and joined the 42nd Battalion in the trenches on 02 April 1917.

Lt Watt was wounded on 09 June 1917 and admitted to the 24th Hospital in Etaples on 10 June. He was suffering from gun shot wounds and a severe fracture of the right leg. 10 days later he was listed as "dangerously ill". On 11 June his right leg was amputated and still remained dangerously ill.

On 11 July 1917, Lt Charles Watt died of wounds in Etaples.


photo courtesy of LCol Reid - Maple Leaf Legacy Project