Major Edward Hugh Bowen

Date of Birth: 02 June 1884

Place of Birth: Sherbrooke, Quebec

Residence: Sherbrooke, Quebec

Nok: Mrs F.W.W. Bowen, Sherbrooke (mother)

Trade: Civil Engineer

Attestation date: 11 February 1916

Previous military service: 12th Battalion CEF, 15th Battalion CEF, 2nd Battalion CEF, 53rd Regiment

Unit: 117th Battalion

Status: Survived - died 02 June 1923.


Details of service:

Major Bowen was transferred to the 23rd Reserve Battalion on 06 January 1917, upon disbandment of the 117th Battalion. He remained with the 23rd Reserve Battalion until 29 June 1917 when he was transferred to the British 5th Army HQ in France. On 21 August 1917 he suffered shrapnel wounds to the head and a gas attack in Ypres and was invalided back to England on 11 September 1917. Major Bowen never fully recovered from the gas attack and was deemed surplus to rank requirement, returned to Canada, and was struck off strength from the CEF on 31 May 1918.

Major Bowen continued treatment for phosphene gas poisoning at Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal. Although he was deemed physically fit, he succumbed to the gas poisoning on 02 June 1923. Since his death was considered attributible to war service his mother was presented the Memorial Cross.

Edward Hugh Bowen originally attested with the 12th Battalion at Valcartier on 28 September 1914. He was commissioned in the rank of Lieutenant. Lt Bowen arrived in Shorncliff in April 1915, and proceeded to France on 08 June 1915 as part of the 15th Battalion. He remained with the 15th Battalion until 02 October 1915 when he was transferred to the 2nd Battalion.

On 23 November 1915, Lt Bowen invalided back to England suffering from Neurasthemia. He was discharged from the hospital three days later and was ordered returned to Canada for further treatment and two months leave. He was struck off strength from the 12th Battalion at that time and transferred to the General List in Canada. He then attested with the 117th Battalion.

At the time of attestation Major Bowen was single and had no children.